I'm pleased to provide a space for hosting the program Scan 2.0 by Fabien Letouzey. Scan won the 18th Computer Olympiad and 19th Computer Olympiad 10x10 draughts competitions.
Note that Scan is an engine, running in text mode. It supports DamExchange, so can be used with any DamExchange GUI, e.g. Dam 2.2.

Scan is Open Source free software, released under the GPL v3.0. The C++ code can be compiled for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Download (2MiB), containing the source code, a Windows 64-bit executable, and the 2-4 piece endgame tables. The readme.txt file in the zip archive explains how to configure and run Scan.

Due to their sizes, here are separate downloads for the 5-piece (26MiB) and 6-piece (720MiB) endgame tables. Extract these into the scan_20 directory, such that the endgame files end up in subdirectories 5 and 6 alongside the existing 2, 3 and 4 inside data/bb. Edit scan.ini to set bb-size accordingly.

Fabien has also released a minimal GUI interface (85kiB). It too is GPL v3.0, written in Java.

The scan and hub source files are also accessible as Git repositories at Rein Halbersma's github account.

For more details of Scan you are welcome to view and join the discussion in the Scan topic at the World Draughts Forum.

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